Case Study: Refurbishing A1 Ward Annexe into Modern Office Space

Case Study: NHS Healthcare

Client: Warden Construction Ltd

Sector: Healthcare

Budget: £40,000

Completed: March 2023

Services Used

Remodelling and M&E Refurbishment of a Ward Annexe into Modern Office Space


The Ward A1 Annexe is within Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, Cheshire.

Project Scope:

The project scope was to convert an annexe of an existing ward into essential new modern office space. The Meel Group designed the office, including WC facilities and a staff kitchen area and carried out all of the combined M&E installations.

Contract Arrangements:

We have a long working relationship with Warden Construction Ltd & Stockport NHS Trust.

Project Challenges:

The A1 Annexe area required the removal of the existing medical gas distribution. However, the supply was shared with a live ward. We isolated the gas supply, and for the short period in which the live ward was interrupted, temporary O2 bottles were employed for patients requiring oxygen.

The live ward areas also used electrical distribution boards supplying the A1 Annex; safe isolation procedures were required.

NHS Ward to office conversion cheshire contractors Demolitions MEP
NHS Ward to office conversion cheshire contractors Demolitions MEP
GRB A1 Annex finished office stepping hill hospital
Scope of Works:
        • Power
        • Data
        • Lighting
        • Emergency Lighting
        • Fire Alarm
        • Door Access
        • DHW and DCW Supplies
        • Doc M Pack Basin and Toilet
        • Above Ground Drainage
        • Emergency Assist Toilet Alarm
        • Removal of Medical Gases
Health & Safety:

All RAMs were in place, and we had no incidents during the project.
COVID was still present during this period, so when our teams worked within ‘live’ areas of the hospital, we followed infection prevention procedures.


The project was completed successfully on time and budget. The resulting new multi-roomed facility has everything a modern office requires.

Project feedback:

Both the Warden Construction and Stockport NHS Trust are very pleased with the standard of work and the end result has transformed the old ward space into a modern office.